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What we do – Ellis Strategy Group

What we do


  • Executive Coaching: Focused one-on-one or team coaching designed to provide a different perspective, increase self-awareness and unlock optimal leadership potential.  We help you translate your vision into action.
  • Leadership Development: Whether new in position, a seasoned executive, a designated successor, or a newly appointed board director; our leadership development counsel is designed to build your confidence and help you achieve the highest level of leadership impact.
  • Executive Presence: Inspirational leaders are not born; they are cultivated.  Our Executive Presence coaching helps individuals tap into their leadership potential.  We help leaders harness their hard and soft skills to influence and motivate teams to drive business results.
  • Presentation Skills: Standing and delivering doesn’t come easy to everyone, but it’s a critical component of an executive’s success.  We coach leaders to connect with their audiences by delivering high impact presentations through the optimum use of presence, messaging, tone, deportment and content.
  • Reputation Management: A positive brand reputation is critical to business success.  Cultivating and protecting individual executive and broader corporate reputation is perhaps the most important element of success in today’s ever-changing business and social media environment.  Our brand management strategies teach leaders to recognize, cultivate and protect their personal and corporate brands.
  • Issues & Crisis Management: Anticipating, identifying and resolving complex business issues helps avoid crisis situations from occurring.  Our ability to objectively support executives and teams with focused issues and crisis mitigation, as well as strategic stakeholder management strategies, helps organizations deal with potentially disruptive events rationally and pragmatically.
  • Change Management Communications Strategies: As they say, “change is the only constant”.  Effective leaders are nimble and quick to adapt to change.   We support individual leaders and corporate teams with smart, strategic communications strategies that lessen disruption and inspire an environment of optimal change adoption.

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“Coaching turns problems into challenges, challenges into opportunities, and opportunities into gifts.”

– Milton Erickson

To The Point.
Easily said. Not so easily done.

Our Approach